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I sell high quality flashlights, headlamps, floodlights, and assorted other products. I am just a single guy working out of his kitchen (and trunk of my car) but I like it that way. I can give personalized service and instantly get customer feedback. Shop with confidence. I stand behind my products and strive to only offer the best products of their type.
Best Wishes- Ray

11-21-17 Note- Due to high demand over the gun deer season and Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales..

..Some orders could take 7-10 days if I run low on inventory. I am in good shape now, but sales has been very good and a couple of big orders could find me short. I will update here if any products will be delayed. In the event that one gets past me I will notify you immediately if your order will not ship in the typical 1-2 business days. Thank you! Ray

Top Productcts

XML T-6 Flashlights

XML T-6 Flashlights offer excellent efficiency and over 1,000 Lumens of output. These can zoom 100+ yards.

XML T-6 Headlamps

XML T-6 Headlamps are incredibly bright. They use the same XML T-6 emitter as the flashlights, but is hands-free.

Hugsby Penlights

Hugsby Penlights offer incredible brightness in a pen sized package. Bright, durable, and compact. A 10!!

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