Hugsby Penlights

hugsby2I found these when I was searching for a decent penlight for some mechanics that I know. The first penlights that I sampled were terrible and I was getting discouraged. It seemed like the only way to get a decent flashlight no bigger than a Sharpie Marker was to spend $25+ on a Streamlight or get one off of the Snap-On truck.

After more searching I found the Hugsbys. They had great reviews and the reviews said that even the knock-off versions were pretty good. I gave it a try and loved them.

hugsby1I ordered some and turned them loose on my field testers. Most of the pen lights that they tried came back in 3 or 4 hours dead. These got used and abused and still work great. The one that I use at work has hit the ground hundreds of times and still shines on. They are very durable.

hugsby3The Hugsby penlights use a Cree XPE-R3 LED emitter. Cree says that they emit 122 lumens @ 350 mA. My wholesaler says 120. What I know for sure is that they are very bright. They work great under cars, in dark areas at work, and they will light up trees on the other side of my pond, probably 175′ away. That is pretty good for a 2x AAA penlight.

At any rate, they are some very nice little penlights. Sold Each.

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