XML T-6 Flashlights

Limited Time Offer- $5 Shipping on all orders!

The XML T-6 emitter based UltraFire is the heart of our flashlight line. It is tremendously bright and very efficient. 2flashOur XML T-6 based flashlights offer a convex lens and a zoom feature that will throw a bright beam 100 yards and beyond.

The actual Cree data sheet lists these emitters at 1040 Lumens. That is tremendously bright for a small flashlight, and they really are very bright.

The XML-T6 lights offer 5 modes- High, Medium, Low, Strobe, and SoS. Once on, a light touch of the button will change modes.

These flashlights come complete with a 120v wall charger and two 18650 lithium ion batteries. The batteries are different than rechargeable AA or AA batteries in that they are much bigger and much more powerful. The batteries are readily available, and I sell extra batteries.

I no longer sell the single cell XML series flashlights due to low demand, but I probably have a few left. If you are interested contact me through the contact form- Ray

Limited Time Offer- $5 Shipping on all orders!